About Me

I'm a young autodidact, passionate about the brain, AI, programming, electronics and just about everything else!

I'm currently getting my Master's degree in Data Science at EPFL, in Switzerland, which stands among the world's top 20 universities in this field.

I'm very independent and self-motivated - I love to learn new things! I have done (and still do) several online courses (MOOCs), related not only to Computer Science

but also various other fields

I'm currently learning all about Cognition, Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning!

You can also check out my Curriculum Vitae.

I also go by obiwit - that stands for Orange BIt of WIT. You can see it as my very own internet name. I’m a renaissance woman, a jack of all trades, (to-be) master of some. From learning Japanese to piloting a plane, this is the journey of a lifetime, mine ;).


I like to make (and unfortunately also break) new things. I occasionally write, draw, and watercolor, but I mostly devote my time to my Computer Science and Electronics projects.


I speak fluent English and Portuguese, but know also basic French and Japanese. German may be coming soon :D

I also play the piano - watch a short video (where I'm playing the Simpsons theme with another pianist while dressed like Marge Simpson)!